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We started as a UX design and innovation agency

For those who don’t know yet, we used to be a design agency. We started évolt in 2015 to help clients build and improve digital products and the overall experience of their services. We could work with large international companies on their innovation strategy such as creating a digital product from scratch with tiny startups. We were a young team of UX/UI designers, UX researchers, developers, digital marketing experts, etc.

The golden age of the design thinking approach

The ‘gold rush time’ of design thinking is happening now. As I said, from freelancers to large consultant companies, everyone sells design skills. Indeed, from 2015 to theses days, we saw two phenomenons:

Benifits  of UX :

  • The rise of UX design freelancers
  • The first one is the rise of independent experts
  • Now common for them to work with freelancers
  • Large organizations compete now

When Capgemini, Mckinsey, Accenture, and IBM became design experts in their field

The last thing that pushed us to change our model and build a collaborative UX design tools was passion. Design is more than a methodology for us; it is a state of mind. And we want to incorporate that vision into intuitive products that will guide our users to a new way of thinking. We love building digital things and are like kids making a treehouse. We are proud of it, and we want to invite you in  So, we are pleased to invite you to join our community .

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